DWI Laws in Minnesota: From a Legal Perspective – DVD


True Foundation presents a DWI Laws from a Legal Perspective. This compelling video depicts two Minnesota attorneys discussing the process of Driving while Intoxicated from a legal perspective.    This innovative approach provides approximately 50 minutes of information.

Topics discussed:

  • What happens after a police stop and probable cause.
  • Alcohol Testing (PBT) & HGN
  • Refusals
  • Implied Consent and Revocations
  • Consequences of a DWI & Related Offenses
  • Attorney suggestions on how to avoid a DWI

This interview styled video captures two practicing Minnesota attorneys sharing their legal insight and experience on MN DWI Laws. Many educational materials share stories about multiple DWI offenders or videos designed to shock offender. DWI Laws from a Legal Perspective is designed to derail the faulty cognitive patterns through practical and legal information designed to heighten the awareness of the participants. Driving under the influence is definitely a financial decision and a deadly decision regarding.