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“Building a Foundation on Truth”

Online Classes

This Online course is offered by AJ Novick Group’s Online. Classes are available 24/7 and are self-paced with a downloadable Certificate of Completion. This course is ideal for Court, Legal, Employment, DUI or Personal Health. No refunds are issued for online courses once a sale is completed. We are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase made in connection with any third-party websites. Check with local government agencies for guideline requirements. Classes are available in Spanish

Anger destroys important relationships over time both at home and work. Online Anger Management classes are an effective, convenient and affordable way of learning how to better manage and control anger and stress related problems. This Class Online utilizes the most up to date, cutting edge research, interventions, and recent advances in neuropsychology and cognitive-behavioral science, to deliver a high quality, easy to follow, learning experience. 

Online Parent Class™ is ideal for court ordered, child protective services, custody, separation, other legal needs, or simply for personal growth and self-improvement as a parent. Online Parent Class offers several length classes, and parents can expect to learn skills to improve their interactions with their children, significant others with lasting positive effect.

Whether you believe you need to take this class or not, gaining skills to better understand how to stop the cycle of violence in relationships is critical for anyone.  Classes are aimed to achieve that goal in a nonjudgmental, completely anonymous, online classroom experience.   At the end of the class you will receive a Certificate of Completion which can be submitted back to the court or other agency requesting this document.  MUST COMPLETE 36 HOURS IN  CLASS in MINNESOTA